About Coffee Break

“Coffee Break with Researchers” is an online platform to spread scientific knowledge and interact with researchers worldwide by having conversations about their research. We showcase videos of interviews with scientists about their published papers in peer-reviewed journals while having a coffee. We want to provide high quality academic content in a friendly and open environment. Our goal is to make scientific knowledge accessible to all.


Our in-house team consists of people passionate about research, writing, design and film production. We also collaborate with a wide network of experts and professionals who like our concept.

Markus Grillitsch
Founder and Director.
Associate Professor in Economic Geography, Lund University

Lorena Gómez-Díaz 
Presenter and Head of Communication.
PhD Candidate in International Marketing and Consultant at ATC Consultants

Thomas Feichter 
Head of Production and Creative Direction. Owner of Fichtemedia

Pearls of wisdom

Collect pearls of wisdom – our conversations with researchers unveil key scientific insights in plain English, understandable for everyone in 5 minutes. We interview researchers around the globe about publications that matter.

Unrivaled content quality

All interviews are about scientific publications that went through a rigorous blinded peer-review process. This means that other researchers anonymously assess the papers before publication in terms of e.g. quality of reasoning, quality of method, data, and analysis, and soundness of conclusions.

Human touch

Research is genuinely human, conducted by researchers with their very personal backgrounds, experience, motivations, and inspirations. The informal setting of a coffee break brings the public closer to the researcher – the expert in the field – who might otherwise only appear as a name on a paper.

Our process

The interviews are organized and carried out in a virtual setting. We send a professional but easy-to-handle camera and microphone around the world to the interviewees in order to secure the quality of the recording. A professional cinematographer cuts the material to an entertaining but highly informative short video.

The process of developing a coffee break with researchers video consists of 6 steps: contacting a researcher of a particular field, selecting a paper together, setting up the date for interview, sending the camera to the location of the researcher, having the conversation, editing and finalizing the video.