Huiwen Gong: Buzz and tranquility, what matters for creativity?

While previous research on clusters has shed light on innovation at macro and meso levels, little research has explored the impact of co-location for individual creativity. Additionally, the significance of tranquility and solitude for creativity also remains largely unexplored. To explore these two aspects, this paper examines forces that matter for the creativity of game […]

Fayaz Sheikh: Policy space for informal sector grassroots innovations

Of late, innovation studies have taken a keen interest in exploring various components of informal sector grassroots innovations. While recognising the immense contribution of this scholarship in sensitising researchers and generating awareness, its connections to policymaking remain inadequate. In the absence of comprehensive policy discussions, the policy makers have often attempted to extrapolate the policies […]

Markus Grillitsch: Trinity of change agency

Abstract The study of regional growth paths is a key theme in economic geography and of elemental interest for regional development. This paper addresses the interplay between path-dependent, structural forces and the construction and utilization of opportunities through agentic processes. Extending the evolutionary framework, it is argued that not only history but also perceived futures […]

Lena Halldenius: A just transition towards sustainable societies – Sustainable Development Goals

The interviewee Lena Halldenius Professor of human rights Lund University, Sweden The course aims to provide critical perspectives on the climate goals in the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the impact of transition to sustainability in terms of justice and human rights for vulnerable groups. Particular focus will be on minority rights, labour […]