Coffee Break with Researchers – Bjørn Asheim: Unrelated Knowledge Combinations

Grillitsch M., Asheim B. & Trippl M. (2018) Unrelated knowledge combinations: the unexplored potential for regional industrial path development. Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, 11(2), 257-274. The article engages in a critical discussion of the related variety/regional branching argument and foregrounds a more differentiated perspective on regional industrial path development. It contributes by […]

Coffee Break with Researchers – Cristina Chaminade: Path Renewal and Creation in Regional Innovation

Chaminade C., Bellandi M., Plechero M. & Santini E. (2019) Understanding processes of path renewal and creation in thick specialized regional innovation systems. Evidence from two textile districts in Italy and Sweden. European Planning Studies, 1-17. Abstract: The type of regional innovation system (RIS) strongly affects possibilities of paths of industrial transformation. This paper argues […]

Coffee Break with Researchers – Markus Grillitsch: Innovation in peripheral regions

Grillitsch M. & Nilsson M. (2015) Innovation in peripheral regions: Do collaborations compensate for a lack of local knowledge spillovers? The Annals of Regional Science 54(1), 299-321. It is widely accepted that firms in peripheral regions benefit to a lesser extent from local knowledge spillovers than firms located in agglomerations or industrial clusters. This paper investigates […]

Coffee Break with Researchers – Rhiannon Pugh: Economic development in lagging regions

Pugh R. (2017) Universities and economic development in lagging regions: ‘Triple helix’ policy in Wales. Regional studies, 51(7), 982-993. Universities and economic development in lagging regions: ‘triple helix’ policy in Wales. Regional Studies. This paper considers the applicability and relevance of triple helix-based policy and theory, in the weaker region context of Wales, where the […]

Coffee Break with Researchers – Danny MacKinnon: Rethinking Path Creation

MacKinnon D., Dawley S., Pike A. & Cumbers A. (2019) Rethinking Path Creation: A Geographical Political Economy Approach. Economic Geography, 95(2), 113-135 A burgeoning strand of evolutionary economic geography (EEG) research is addressing questions of regional path creation, based on the idea that place specific legacies and conditions play a critical role in supporting the […]