Coffee Break with Researchers – Markus Grillitsch: Innovation in peripheral regions

Grillitsch M. & Nilsson M. (2015) Innovation in peripheral regions: Do collaborations compensate for a lack of local knowledge spillovers? The Annals of Regional Science 54(1), 299-321. It is widely accepted that firms in peripheral regions benefit to a lesser extent from local knowledge spillovers than firms located in agglomerations or industrial clusters. This paper investigates […]

Coffee Break with Researchers – Rhiannon Pugh: Economic development in lagging regions

Pugh R. (2017) Universities and economic development in lagging regions: ‘Triple helix’ policy in Wales. Regional studies, 51(7), 982-993. Universities and economic development in lagging regions: ‘triple helix’ policy in Wales. Regional Studies. This paper considers the applicability and relevance of triple helix-based policy and theory, in the weaker region context of Wales, where the […]

Coffee Break with Researchers – Danny MacKinnon: Rethinking Path Creation

MacKinnon D., Dawley S., Pike A. & Cumbers A. (2019) Rethinking Path Creation: A Geographical Political Economy Approach. Economic Geography, 95(2), 113-135 A burgeoning strand of evolutionary economic geography (EEG) research is addressing questions of regional path creation, based on the idea that place specific legacies and conditions play a critical role in supporting the […]

Coffee Break with Researchers – Jing Xiao: Industrial Diversification and The Role of Relatedness

Xiao J., Boschma R. & Andersson M. (2018) Industrial Diversification in Europe: The Differentiated Role of Relatedness. Economic Geography, 94(5), 514-549. There is increasing interest in the drivers of industrial diversification, and how these depend on economic and industry structures. This article contributes to this line of inquiry by analyzing the role of industry relatedness […]

Coffee Break with Researchers – Franz Tödtling: One size fits all?

Tödtling F. & Trippl M. (2005) One size fits all?: Towards a differentiated regional innovation policy approach. Research policy, 34(8), 1203-1219. Innovation has moved to the foreground in regional policy in the last decade. Concrete policies were shaped by “best practice models” derived from high-tech areas and well performing regions. These are often applied in […]