Coffee Break with Researchers – Danny MacKinnon: Rethinking Path Creation

MacKinnon D., Dawley S., Pike A. & Cumbers A. (2019) Rethinking Path Creation: A Geographical Political Economy Approach. Economic Geography, 95(2), 113-135 A burgeoning strand of evolutionary economic geography (EEG) research is addressing questions of regional path creation, based on the idea that place specific legacies and conditions play a critical role in supporting the […]

Coffee Break with Researchers – Jing Xiao: Industrial Diversification and The Role of Relatedness

Xiao J., Boschma R. & Andersson M. (2018) Industrial Diversification in Europe: The Differentiated Role of Relatedness. Economic Geography, 94(5), 514-549. There is increasing interest in the drivers of industrial diversification, and how these depend on economic and industry structures. This article contributes to this line of inquiry by analyzing the role of industry relatedness […]