Coffee Break With Researchers -Elvira Uyarra: Public procurement, innovation and industrial policy

Uyarra E., Zabala-Iturriagagoitia J.M., Flanagan K. & Magro E. (2020) Public procurement, innovation and industrial policy: Rationales, roles, capabilities and implementation. Research Policy, 49(1). The interviewee Elvira Uyarra Reader in Innovation Studies and Co-Director of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research  Hi, welcome to coffee break with researchers. Today I’m at the Regional Innovation […]

Coffee Break With Researchers – Markku Sotarauta: Institutional Entrepreneurship

In this article, we ask what is the place of institutional entrepreneurship in an (regional) innovation system. The main research questions addressed are (a) how does a new science-based concentration of innovation become institutionalized in an innovation system, (b) who are the institutional entrepreneurs and what do they actually do in their efforts to institutionalize new beliefs, practices and activities within a system, and (c) what knowledge institutional entrepreneurs do need and what kind of power do they exercise in the institutionalization process.