Ron Boschma: Proximity and Innovation: A Critical Assessment

Ron Boschma (2005) Proximity and Innovation: A Critical Assessment, Regional Studies, 39:1, 61-74 The interviewee Ron Boschma Professor in Regional Economics Department of Economic Geography, Faculty of GeoSciences, Utrecht University Hello Ron thank you for accepting my invitation to a coffee break how are you doing? I’m fine thank you I would like to talk […]

Jose Luis Hervás Olivier: Radical innovation in Marshallian industrial districts

Radical innovation is under-researched in the geography of innovation. In this paper, the focus is on understanding how radical innovations occur in Marshallian industrial districts (MIDs), a phenomenon mostly overlooked. Using an exploratory and in-depth longitudinal case study methodology in two European MIDs, this paper analyzes radical innovation in MIDs and finds that the introduction […]