Coffee Break With Researchers -Frank Moulaert: Towards a social innovation

Moulaert F. & Mehmood A. (2019) Towards a social innovation (SI) based epistemology in local development analysis: lessons from twenty years of EU research. European Planning Studies, 1-20. Researcher… The interviewee Frank Moulaert Emeritus Professor of Economics and Spatial Planning Planning & Development, Faculty of Engineering, Catholic University of Leuven Heverlee, Belgium Hi, welcome […]

Coffee Break with Researchers – Brita Hermelin: A place-based approach to social entrepreneurship

Hermelin B. & Rusten G. (2018) A place-based approach to social entrepreneurship for social integration–Cases from Norway and Sweden. Local Economy, 33(4), 367-383. Social innovation has gained an important position in policy agendas at the international, national, and local levels. The article investigates two empirical cases of local social entrepreneurship initiatives in two comparable small […]